This is template three of four available through the College of Education & Human Development's Drupal sites instance.  This template comes in two color variants: Dark and Light.  

Content Types 

A basic site comes with four content types:

  • Basic Page,
  • Homepage Slideshow Item,
  • HTML Email,
  • News Item, and
  • Webform.

Basic Pages (like this one) are used to add static, descriptive information to your site. You may add a main image or graphic to these pages or add multiple to create a custom image slideshow.

Homepage Slideshow Items are used to add images specifically to the homepage slideshow. This slideshow can contain as many images as you want and can link to internal or external web pages.

HTML Emails are used to send customized HTML emails easily from your site.

News Items are used to add timely news to your site like press releases or news articles about your program, project or center. Images, graphics or a custom slideshow may also be added to this content.

Webforms are used to create online forms for gathering information from your site visitors. 

Other Features

This site also comes default with:

  • built in site tracking with Google Analytics, and
  • multiple user roles for tiered content editing.

If you have questions about whether a Drupal site is right for you, please contact the CEHD web communications team.